Today was Career Day at Ponce de Leon Middle School, and Beatriz Martinez-Penalver engaged with around 40 bright minds, 7th and 8th graders, in an inspiring discussion on the crucial field of mental health!



Beatriz and other mental health providers delved into the complexities of mental health, sharing insights, experiences, and invaluable knowledge with the eager students. Their questions were nothing short of awesome, reflecting a genuine curiosity not only about the field itself but also about practical tools that could make a difference in their lives.

Key Highlights:
🔸 Thoughtful questions from inquisitive 7th and 8th graders
🔸 Insights into the field of mental health
🔸 Practical tools shared from the Triumph Steps framework
🔸 Engaging discussions and interactive Q&A

Beatriz not only addressed their queries but also offered a variety of tools used in the Triumph Steps framework, providing the students with tangible resources to navigate the challenges of mental well-being.

Witnessing the next generation actively seeking knowledge and tools to understand and manage their mental health is heartening.

Thank you to Shannon Emery for inviting Healthy Connections! Together, we can empower future leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools!

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