Testimonials & Endorsements

Testimonials and Endorsements

On March 21st, Beatriz Martinez-Penalver was recognized by the School Board of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the fourth largest school district in the United States, for her commitment to students, their mental wellness and emotional literacy nationwide.

Susie Castillo
Board Member Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Dr. Steve Gallon III
Board Member Miami-Dade County Public Schools
MariTere Rojas
Board Member Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Zulema Lamazares
Principal at Henry M. Flagler Elementary
 Approval of Resolution No. 18-020 of the School Board recognizing Beatriz Martinez-Penalver

Endorsements from Experts and Educators


Lisa Nichols is a millionaire entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a humanitarian and a motivational speaker. And she is teaching people to turn their own breakdowns into breakthroughs, to discover their untapped and infinite potential, just like she did.


Lara Jonasson is the Elementary Director and Teacher at the MCA Academy in Miami. MCA Academy offers a challenging and rigorous academic environment, recognizes and nurtures the unique potential in each student and provides children with the tools to succeed in both their academic and social lives.


Shayna Sands is one of the owners of Bright Futures School of Excellence in Miami. They are focused on providing quality education in an environment that supports cognitive development, creativity, and personal growth. Smaller classes and a more intimate learning environment enables students to learn at their own pace and develop the skills necessary to succeed.


Joan Rodriguez is the owner and founder of Village Montessori in Miami. For over 10 years, we’ve been inspiring the cognitive, emotional and physical development of each child in a secure & joyful environment  that encourages them to engage the world through exploration, collaboration and creativity.


Camila Gil is the Director of Outreach for the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet which provides ballet training to over 1,100 students annually, with nearly 600 on full scholarship in five locations. They believe dance is merely the vehicle that transports children through doors that maximize their options in life.

Student and Parent Testimonials

It was my wife’s, Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., dream to create a book for children and adolescents based on the teaching in her landmark self-help book, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Inspired by Susan’s work, Beatriz has developed a curriculum that I believe will be required teaching in all schools. Her concise curriculum will help the future generations of our children to:

  • Be free of anxieties
  • Challenge erroneous thoughts given to them by parents, teachers and society,
  • Develop plans to reach their individual success by becoming self-reliant individuals, and
  • Learn to tap their unlimited creative potential and much more.

The Steps taught on this curriculum will help any student become the successful and extraordinary people they deserve to be.

Mark Shelmerdine CEO,
Susan Jeffers, LLC.