Keynote Speaker

Engaging. Transformational. Empowering. 

Beatriz Martinez-Penalver will bring her 30 years of experience and the transformational power of the Triumph Steps therapeutic framework to your event. She is an advocate for emotional well-being and personal growth who has been recognized by the School Board of Miami-Dade County Public Schools for her commitment to students, their mental wellness, and emotional Literacy nationwide.

Beatriz Martinez-Penalver is a passionate speaker and advocate of emotional literacy for children. 

In her engaging keynote addresses and powerful workshops, Beatriz provides practical solutions and a transformational therapeutic framework to lead teachers, mental health professionals and parents alike to leverage the power of emotional intelligence and the life changing effects it can have on children and adults.

Beatriz Martinez-Penalver is a licensed psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of experience in the mental health field and holds a master’s degree in mental health from Nova Southeastern University. She is an activist that has traveled the nation to spread the facts about emotional literacy on the doorsteps of policy makers, educators, and parents everywhere.

Her mission extends well beyond Triumph Steps and her goal is to ensure emotional literacy curriculum are taught at every school in Florida and beyond. Beatriz knows that any school practicing emotional literacy techniques, through Triumph Steps or otherwise, is making an everlasting impact on students’ lives.

Keynote Speech & Training Topics include…


Happiness is a Skill that can be Taught

Happiness is not a transient and elusive state that we experience haphazardly. Happiness is a skill that can be taught at any age, and like any skill, the more it is practiced the easier it is to achieve. Regardless of what life throws your way, you and your child have the power to take your joy into your own hands. I can teach you the eight steps that when practiced daily can not only ensure a happy life, but an effective preventative path to mental wellness.

Triumph Steps: A Therapeutic Framework to Triumph

This course has been approved by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling (Course No. 20-695896)

Today’s students need to be competent not only in math, science, and language, but also acquire the necessary soft skills to be mentally competent individuals! This workshop will teach you how to help your students tap into their unlimited creative potential; it will teach you soft skills such as frustration tolerance, stress management, and communication skills to achieve successful, happy individuals. Emotional literacy in schools will offer you immediate skills that would not only benefit children suffering from anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Every child is unique and acquiring these skills will broaden every child’s horizon and tear down barriers essential to reaching any imaginable goal. Imagine a classroom with creative, goal-driven, enthusiastic children equipped with confidence and limitless potential, and a capacity to navigate life’s hurdles optimistically!

Beatriz has proudly worked with…

Letters of Recommendation

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet

“I would highly recommend Beatriz and the whole Triumph Steps team for any professional development……. to anyone who is exposed to them”

James R. Haj, The Children’s Trust, President and CEO

“Thank you for the partnership and opportunity provided to our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) members to accompany you and the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce to the annual Legislative Fly-In in October 2019.”

Susie V. Castillo, School Board Member, District 5

“I would like to congratulate you on being nominated at our M-DCPS Community Partners Recognition Luncheon for 2018-2019 as a Districtwide Exemplary Dade Partner.”

Village of Montessori

“I not only recommend Ms. Beatriz Martinez-Penalver as a speaker, teacher trainer and educator, but believe everyone who has the opportunity to listen to her will get a positive message that will change their lives.”

Henry M. Flagler Elementary School

“This letter serves to express my gratitude to Ms. Beatriz Martinez-Penalver, founder of Triumph Steps who brought to our school a powerful tool which promotes “Emotional Literacy” in our classrooms.”

Montessori Florida Coalition

“We were honored to have had Mrs. Beatriz Martinez-Penalver participate as a presenter at our annual MFC Teacher / Parent Education Days in 2017 and 2018. We invited Mrs. Martinez-Penalver because of her knowledge and method of Triumph Steps.”

Kendale Lakes Elementary

“It is with much enthusiasm that I write this letter of support for Ms. Beatriz Martinez-Penalver and her tremendous leadership work for her beloved company, Triumph steps.”