Individualized Coaching Package


This is the top tier of the At-home program. With this package, Beatriz Martinez-Penalver utilizes her twenty-five years of experience in mental health to create a customized audio file for your children based on their own personal needs. They will learn to stay in touch with their true selves, discover their own talents, and boost creativity to build the lives they deserve.

Also, a licensed psychotherapist will provide six individual web or live coaching sessions to provide parents additional aid in incorporating healthy mental habits into their children’s lives All you have to do is fill out a brief questionnaire detailing the specific areas you wish to target, and you will benefit from individualized audio that will aid in the transformation of your children.

This package includes:

  • Six individualized coaching sessions with a Triumph specialist
  • One individualized audio specifically addressing your child’s needs
  • Six audio files focusing on confidence, joy, kindness, gratitude and silence
  • Curriculum with the eight steps to Triumph
  • Posters
  • Training Video
  • Triumph manual
  • Gratitude Box