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Triumph Steps Program

You teach them Science, Math, and Reading—now teach them how to be Happy.

  • Do you want to prevent depression, substance abuse, violence and suicide in your school? Give your students the tools they need to establish healthy mental habits for life.
  • All you have to do is set aside 12 minutes per day. The easy-to-use audio program and visual aides will do the rest.
  • Do you want to improve attention and social responsibility in your students? Triumph Steps’s easy-to-use audio program stimulates Alpha brain waves with calming music and stimulating verbal direction. They will love it, and even ask for it.

Triumph Steps

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Triumph: A Curriculum For All Schools and Universities©

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We offer both digital and hard copy options, digital option supports all major readers.

Here's What You Get:

Triumph: A Curriculum for All Schools and Universities.©

This curriculum booklet that delves into the eight steps featured in Triumph Steps. Concise, simple and easy to use, the steps will help anyone who applies them become more goal oriented, empowered, centered, creative, and socially responsible.

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The centerpiece of Triumph Steps. These regularly-updated audio files are carefully designed with music and sounds that stimulate the brain. They emphasize the practices of silence, visualization, and I AM affirmations. It’s effortless- just play the audio and your students will learn that the power of each technique lies in the conviction and feeling.

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Triumph Steps


Powerful visual aids that illustrate the eight steps of Triumph, designed so that even the youngest students can understand. When present in your classrooms and common areas, the messages will be quickly assimilated, processed, retained, and acted upon.


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Training Video©

Educating teachers on the merits of Triumph Steps is important, so that they may better assist the students in their growing process. While the seamless program essentially teaches itself, it is advantageous for the teachers to play an active role in the process. The 30-minute training video explains the benefits of each of the eight steps. The more teachers understand it, the more committed they will be to implementing it. An inspired educator has the power to transform the world.

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Gratitude box©

Psychological research has shed light on the benefits of being in a constant state of gratitude. Someone who is thankful for the positive aspects of their life does not have room to be depressed about the negative aspects. This simple technique reminds students to be grateful, and teaches them that just by shifting toward thoughts of gratitude, they can shift their lives.

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Administrative Manual©

A concise, step-by-step walkthrough on how to implement Triumph Steps to ensure success.

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administrative Manual

Student Booklet©

A curriculum designed for any school or university. The student booklet guides students through the eight steps, to help them get in touch with their unlimited creative power and unlock the extraordinary lives they deserve.

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student booklet

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