You are a parent, like me…

Doing the best, you can, yet wishing for a map to guide you in raising life’s most precious treasure, your child, as well as living a happy and fulfilling life for yourself.

“How can I lead my child to TRIUMPH? How do I raise a triumphant child and maintain a fulfilled life for myself?”

Do you tell your child “you have to study hard, get good grades, go to college, get a great job”? Most likely you do, and you mean well.

Have you thought of teaching them how to be happy?  Have you thought of increasing your own happiness and thus becoming a better parent?

Did you know that the use of antidepressants has increased by 400% since 1988, and at least one out of every three Americans is dissatisfied with life.

Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Suicide is the TENTH leading cause of death for the general population, and it is the THIRD cause of death among individuals between ages 10-24

Did you know that in the past few months, a 14 and a 12-year-old girl committed suicide while streaming it live on social media (one from Miami)

Did you know that the deaths related to the use of heroin have almost quadrupled after 2010

I am, Beatriz-Martinez-Penalver, a psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of experience in mental health and I will guide you to be happy and give you tools to guide your child to be triumphant.


  • Discover the Framework to Triumph
    Walk the eight steps that Beatriz Martinez-Penalver handcrafted and teaches in her sixteen-year-old community mental health clinic.
  • Discover the Framework to Triumph for Your Child
    Walk the steps that Beatriz Martinez-Penalver handcrafted and teaches in schools through Triumph Steps a successful, innovative emotional literacy program.
  • Learn FOUR Powerful Rituals That will ignite the World of Possibilities for You and Your Child
    Learn transformative techniques that when consistently practiced will turn your life around.
  • Learn How Thoughts Become Things and Why You Must Keep Them Beautiful
    Learn about the unlimited power each person possesses to overcome any limiting belief and how you can live to your fullest potential



  • Beatriz Martinez-Penalver is a psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of experience in mental health. She is the president and CEO of TRIUMPH STEPS and Healthy Connections, CMHC a community mental health center serving the Miami area for the past 16 years. Her mental health center has about 30 staff members and together they have served thousands find the road to TRIUMPH.
  • For 25 years Beatriz has taught about the psychology of abundance. She has now put this framework together in a program, TRIUMPH STEPS.
  • Beatriz is a powerful activist whose mission is to make emotional literacy an integral part in education.

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Triumph Steps has been endorsed by parents and teachers. Notably, the curriculum has attained the endorsement of Lisa Nichols, a celebrated motivational speaker who has inspired millions through her seminars and her role as a featured teacher in The Secret. Click Here to hear what Lisa Nichols says about TRIUMPH STEPS

Testimonials From Children Using Triumph Steps