We are very excited to announce that the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet will be implementing Triumph Steps into their summer camps! The Thomas Armour Youth Ballet Outreach After School Program is dedicated to serving youth regardless of income level, promoting diversity, and removing obstacles that impede children from reaching their full potential. TAYB has four locations:

  1. Betty T. Ferguson Rec Complex– 3000 NW 199 St Miami, FL 33056
  2. Morningside K-8 Academy- 6620 NE 5th Ave Miami, FL 33138
  3. Frances Tucker Elementary School- 3500 Douglas Rd. Miami, FL 33133
  4. RR Moton Elementary School- 18050 Homestead Ave Miami, FL 33157

Triumph Steps is extremely excited to be able to impact the lives of children attending the program and expand the message of emotional literacy to staff, parents, and the community. It is an honor to reach another 260 children and teach them emotional literacy.