How to Get Your Child Ready for the New School Year in 12 Minutes a Day

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  • " I felt I was completely losing it... I was screaming to my kids, my husband, the traffic lights. I made it a point to work the eight steps and my life changed in every way. I have peace and hope. I have found a bigger purpose. " Jeanette P.
  • " I was blaming everything on my kids and my husband. I found it amazing that my coach did not only helped me work the steps but she worked the steps to my daughter too. Everyone wins. " Elisa H.
  • " I went to visit my parents this weekend and they cried because they said they had not seen me and my daughter this happy in years. Everyone notices the change. Triumph has empowered me and my daughter so much. " Ofelia S.
    • Is conflict with your husband / wife /children increasing now that the demands of school are here?
    • Do small problems = BIG outbursts?
    • Are you getting frustrated & losing patience?
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