Triumph Steps Get-Together

Be a pioneer advocate for emotional literacy
Started by a mom for moms.

Host a Triumph breakfast, brunch, lunch, or simply tea and hors d’oeuvres at your home and invite a clinician and Triumph Steps Transformative Coach (TSTC) to share the knowledge with you and a group of parents who seek to obtain parenting tools.

Share the love for emotional literacy with other moms and friends. Take a pioneering role in bringing happiness and triumph to more homes, more parents, and more children.

Bringing emotional literacy to homes can help to slow down the progression of our current mental health crisis. Parents can be equipped with mental health and wellness tools. Using these tools early on can protect children from stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, gender dysphoria, and more.


TSTC will bring mental health tools to your home. In a 45-minute session, clinicians will share the Eight-Step Therapeutic Framework to Triumph with parents interested in their families’ mental wellbeing.

No job you have ever been entrusted with is more sacred than parenting your child. Parenting is one of our greatest gifts and an opportunity to grow. So commit to honor it and strive to do it better each day in the company of other parents.

This parenting coaching conversation will offer you a foundation to foster emotional literacy and personal responsibility and decrease the progression of our current mental health crisis.

If after the Triumph Steps® Get-Together, you need more parent coaching short-term interventions, Healthy Connections with its team of clinicians and TSTC will walk you through the steps to help you decrease your lack of patience, irritability and help you gain the parenting tools you need to create the family you want to wake up to every morning.


The host receives a thirty-minute parent-coaching session with a Triumph Steps Certified Coach, a poster, and a gratitude box.

Triumph Steps® was developed by Beatriz Martinez-Penalver, a psychotherapist with over thirty years in the mental health field. This easy-to-use framework is filled with cognitive behavioral and positive psychology messages. It offers the mental health foundation you need in your home.