Frequently Asked Questions

I think my child/student is falling asleep when he/she is listening to the audio. Should I be concerned and wake him/her up?

You should not be concerned at all. Only if the child has been doing this for months and falling asleep every single time should you be looking for alternatives. The audio is guiding them toward relaxation and alpha brain levels to prepare them to receive the cognitive behavioral messages and affirmations. One of the ways the program works is by silencing the mind. It is a very common occurrence to fall asleep during this process.
The child is learning the balance between focus and relaxation, and falling asleep is completely normal. It can happen even to those who have been practicing for many years. However, understand that this is a healthy process and you do not need to wake your child/student, unless the audio has ended, and they need to get back to their normal routine.

Is listening to the audio all that is needed? I feel like there is something else my child/student needs to be doing?

The audio is the centerpiece of the program and the most transformational tool. If you read the entire manual provided at the time of purchase, it will guide you on how to use the posters, the gratitude box, and the Truth or Dare activities.
We live in a society that is used to competing, which makes us think that we must be doing something constantly in order to achieve success. In the case of personal transformation, many things begin to happen easily and effortlessly when there is a change in perception. As it progresses, the program is designed to have questions at the end of the audio for self-exploration and to be discussed with someone and/or write in a journal.

What if I forget to play the audio sometimes?

It is perfectly normal to forget sometimes; however, I always remind my clients that listening to the messages, including the “silence” audio, contributes to the hygiene of the mind, and as such, it must be done regularly. I often pose the question to my clients: brushing your teeth is hygiene for your mouth…how long do you go without brushing your teeth?

What if my child does not want to listen to the audio? Do I force him/her to do it?

Find out the reasons why. Many times, they may need a little break, but you can still give them the messages yourself. Even though it will not be the same effect, something is better than nothing.

When are the best times to use the audio?

The best times are first thing in the morning when they wake up and right before they go to bed. Many parents find it very helpful to play the “silence” piece when they come back from school and right before they start to do their homework.

I am the mother of a teen. My child does not need therapy, but is looking for emotional guidance. Would this program suit him?

Absolutely! Not everyone needs mental health counseling, but everyone must have emotional literacy. Emotional literacy will help decrease the progression of our current mental health crisis, most evidently affecting the teenage age group. However, this program was designed in a way that benefits people of all ages.

Is your professional development only for clinicians?

In addition to clinicians, we offer professional development to teachers and lawyers. The emphasis of this program is placed on personal growth. For that matter, anyone from any profession can benefit.