I met the author of this post at the recent TEDx I attended….Wonderful woman and now I discover that she is a phenomenal writer.

My big take-away of this talk was gratitude. I always tell people that I have never had a patient in my office who practices gratitude every day of their lives. When you are grateful, you are happy, therefore, you do not end up in a therapist office. It’s really a very simple strategy to use. Start now and demonstrate it to the children around you.

That is one step to be Triumphant!

Joseph Michelli (TEDx Sarasota)

I also met the wonderful Joseph Michelli at TEDx Sarasota. Besides being a psychologist, he is an author, a speaker, and a radio personality. Very inspiring!


Start: October 6th, 2016

Website: http://www.tedxsarasota.com/