Coaches near me

Coaches near me

Triumph Steps Transformative Coaches TSTC Near Me

Our Certified Coaches utilize our proven Eight-Step Therapeutic Framework to Triumph. Not everyone requires mental health services, but everyone can benefit from an emotional literacy coach who provides guidance and direction fostering resilience, happiness, and success.

If you have a solid mental health or education foundation and are interested in becoming a TSTC, contact us now.



Sayra Ashqar, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Sayra Ashqar As a clinician working with the HC and TS group, I have seen first hand, the benefits of this incredible program. Triumph steps is suitable to all ages alike. It is an honor to be part of a team that values emotional literacy and recognizes how essential it is for success in our [...]

Mayra Bagnoli, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Mayra Bagnoli I just had a wonderful training about the Triumph Steps coaching certification program and I loved every second of it. It is a well structured program, with very practical tools and I gained lots of insight about improvements to be used on my clinical practice and personal development as well. I highly recommend [...]

Fhara Guadalupe, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Fhara Guadalupe "Great experience and training. It open up my mind, on how to reset my thoughts and work in to better myself and use positive affirmations and work on my self to help my clients."   ......................... See more testimonials on Google Fhara Guadalupe Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Manuel Acosta, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Manuel Acosta "I have been saying for a little while that the most important things for life are not taught in schools. Emotional regulation and emotional literacy are on the top if not the most important skills for Life. When I came across Triumph Steps and its concept, I told myself, 'Wow!" I have seen [...]

Meili R. Rego, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Meili R. Rego "I was first introduced to Triumph Steps by Beatriz Martinez, the program developer, when she shared stories of successful cases. Since 2019, I have been using Triumph Steps guided imagery with clients as young as 5 years old. During the sessions, those kids would gently close their eyes and embrace the serenity [...]

Jessika Abdalah, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Jessika Abdalah"The Eight Step Formula to Triumph training is extremely beneficial to any mental health professional seeing clients from all ages. Such a refreshing course and guide with plenty of opportunity to reflect and learn in the process. It is a must!"   ......................... See more testimonials on Google Jessika Abdalah Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Melanie Ervin, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Melanie Ervin"What an amazing experience! This workshop transformed my way of practicing mental health while at the same time allowing me to reflect and grow personally. Beatriz leads the workshop in a hands on approach that allows you to be vulnerable without you even realizing it. It’s refreshing and amazing. Looking forward to learning more [...]

Ellie Urtiaga, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Ellie Urtiaga "I have just completed the training to become a triumph steps coach and I must say it is one of the best training I have attended! Everything was laid out very clearly. The founder (Beatriz Martinez Penalver) was very thorough and personalized her presentation to the issues brought up by the other trainees. I [...]

Meaghan Caro, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Meaghan Caro "TSTC has been an amazing certification to learn about as a new therapist and as well as an individual. This certification gives you the tools to succeed as a therapist and also gives you to the tools to learn about your self to help you succeed in other aspects of your life. I really [...]

Kristy-S, Continuing Education Courses Testimonials

Kristy S "I completed the Triumph Steps Transformative Coaching course six months ago and found it to be incredibly enriching. It provides a clear roadmap for the clinician to work with their clients. The program is wonderful, and Beatriz is an excellent and captivating presenter. The time flew by because I was so interested from start [...]