Giving Every Professional the Formula to Triumph


Tools for Self and Clinical Settings

During this exclusive one-day workshop, you will learn to:

  • Learn crucial information about the emerging science of possibility. When understanding the use of visualization, silence and the thought-body connection, you can see what is truly possible.
  • Understand the three key components of effective affirmations to nurture courage and eliminate self-doubt.
  • Discover how neuroplasticity is essential to self-transformation.
  • Understand the different ways fear disguises itself and how to overcome it.

  • Imagine yourself a creative, goal-driven, enthusiastic individual equipped with confidence and limitless potential, and a capacity to navigate life’s hurdles optimistically!
  • Imagine yourself modeling and transferring these skills to your clients.
  • Identify steps that you can take to increase your personal and professional success.
  • Learn self-regulation skills and strategies to enter deeper levels of consciousness to create the life you desire
  • How to transfer emotional literacy techniques to your personal life and clinical setting

Join us in this highly
interactive and experiential seminar and receive the practical techniques that are so
straightforward and simple, you will be surprised with how powerful the
outcomes are.