Fake it until you make it

Don’t you love it when someone tells you; stay positive, you got this you are a strong person. But yet in the deepest part of your inner self you are just afraid of messing it up. Out of all the “F” words out there that we so often use to express our frustration; faking it wasn’t exactly the solution that one would expect to move pass the situation that is getting in the way of reaching your maximum potential.

The idea of this blog is to bring you a new perspective on faking it. It definitely has nothing to do with not being true to yourself; more so it has to do with how you visualize that goal, that idea, that change that you are wanting so badly to accomplish.

“Fake it until you make it” is the process of removing yourself out of the comfort zone that is delaying the outcome that you desire so badly. Most of the time we are our biggest obstacle. So by practicing some pretend play like when we were children; it allows for you to act like whatever you are pursuing is already taking place. You are willing it, you are acting on it like it’s true, real, happening.

This action will create thoughts in your mind that will make you feel empowered. That brings us to the second most important part about this concept which is for you to visualize the feelings that this moment of achievement brings you.  Stay focused on what you are so badly wanting to accomplish. It helps if you emphasize on how you would feel if you have already succeeded, and take it in. Make it part of your plan and do it. It’s the feelings part of the visualization that will allow you to “MAKE IT”… it’s the key part of the process to accomplish what you so badly desire.

You must take your time while doing this; you really want to live it. There is no rule on how long will this take for it to work. Repetition is key; so the more often you practice this the better. Repetition is what helps the subconscious mind register the message and how things begin to change. You have to act like this achievement is already happening.

The combination is act like is happening (Fake it) and visualize how you feel until you (Make It). Whatever doubt was in your mind will disappear and you will become confident about your goal.

You will find that you need to do it more than once. But that’s great; because it means that you are changing your way of thinking; you are embracing that new thought and making it yours. I love this concept. I mean think about it when we were children we would constantly play pretend with our friends. Do you remember how much joy it brought you? Well this is a similar concept. Amazing how as we grow we allow our creativity to be diminished by our daily lives, stress, fear and all those other issues that come with adulthood. Think of it as if you are a kid again, the most awesome thing about children is that they don’t bound themselves; they allow their minds to explore limitless possibilities. So from today forward “Fake it Until You Make It” And while you are doing it take some time and think about these questions below.

A- Imagine if your children were taught to be confident and resilient risk takers from an early age so that they did not limit their potential in the future?
B- Imagine if all schools taught emotional literacy and parents would reinforce it at home?

Encourage your children to be the lead role in the play of their lives.

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