Discovering your child’s passions

Discovering your child's passions

identifying your children’s passion

Can you believe it? October is around the corner. Now we are fully back to schedules, homework, projects, deadlines, making sure that we encourage our children, teens, college kids to get good grades and feel excited about learning.

Many parents have asked me what I used to ask myself: “What do I do to know what my son/daughter’s interests are? I just don’t see him/her have a passion for anything?” Discovering your child’s passions and talents is much easier than you think. Watch them play, from an early age children start showing interest in certain things. For example; are they always dancing, or singing? Do they prefer to be involved in games where they must compete or are they always teaching others?

The one thing to keep in mind while identifying your children’s passion, talents and gifts is that we can’t be afraid to support whatever it is that they want to be or do. Your fears and limited beliefs cannot be an interference in the process. Their talents were given to them for a reason, and that reason is to share them for the good of all.

I have not met a parent that does not want their children to be happy and triumph in life. The key to that is to encourage them to tap into their talents and share them with a good intention. When you support

them in their life journey you have collaborated to a better life for them and a better world for everyone else.

It is easy to fall into negative patterns; and we start sharing those negative thoughts with our children. Influencing negatively how they feel about themselves and their aspirations.

“I don’t want my son/daughter to be a teacher. Teachers don’t make much money.”

Who said that your son/daughter cannot create a platform where they can influence change by reaching a much greater number of students and ultimately achieve the financial goals that are important to him/her.

“I don’t want my son/daughter to be a dancer/singer/actor. That’s a rough life and only one out of millions make it.”

Who said that they are not going to develop something in that industry that no one has thought of and change the way we see or believe. I encourage you to get rid of your limiting thoughts, belief structures, trust the universe and allow their talents to shine.

In the many years I have practiced psychotherapy, I have never met anyone who came to treatment for problems such as depression, marital or parenting issues because they did not remember their algebra or history facts. Patients do, however, come to treatment for depression, anxiety, or conflicts with their family because they don’t have the tools to improve these relationships, the ability to challenge erroneous thoughts, or follow their dreams. It is our duty as parents to teach our children the emotional skills to develop the correct thought

patterns to deal with the despair that can come by the negative influences in the daily life. We must focus on teaching them how to challenge these erroneous thoughts.

“How can I teach my kid how to do this?”

Allow your children to dream, create, and discover their talents. Inspire them, support them, they will grow up feeling confident, loved, and live extraordinary lives. In return, we fulfill one of our missions in life… that of being an awesome parent. For more tips on how to discover your child’s talents and passions to create the extraordinary life they deserve visit us at

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” Matthew Jacobson