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Let's Teach Emotional Literacy in Our Schools!

Every twenty years, the Constitution Revision Commission of Florida convenes to revise Florida’s State Constitution, and allows citizens to submit potential amendments to the Constitution.

It is now time for emotional literacy to become an integral part of our educational system. Depression, anxiety, bullying, substance abuse, and suicide are on the rise, and our children need our help.

This proposed amendment would help ensure that Florida’s students are protected from the perils of mental instability:

(d) The mental well-being of children is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida. An emotional literacy curriculum shall be implemented in all schools for kindergarten to 12th grade to combat rising statistics of student depression, bullying, substance abuse, and suicide rates. Each emotional literacy program shall be selected by each school district’s school board and superintendent.

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With your support, we can turn this vision into a reality where our students have the necessary tools to lead happy lives, and where the future of our country is rooted in mental stability. You can be a pioneer in a movement that will touch the lives of millions of students across the nation, with Florida leading the way.

The potential for a happy life is the right of every child.

Please fill out the information below and send an email to your Commissioners to support emotional literacy in all schools with just one click!