At Home

Triumph Steps At Home Program

Bring home the gift of giving your child the keys to happiness and mental stability.

  • Is your child acting up at home? Is he or she having trouble concentrating on everyday tasks? Do you wish to see improvements in his or her attitude, sleeping habits, and academic performance?
  • All you have to do is set aside 12 minutes per day. The easy-to-use audio program and visual aides will do the rest.

Get the Triumph Steps Program in Your Home

This effortless technique your children can use in the comfort of your own home will teach them to stay in touch with their true self, discover their own talents, and build the life they deserve. Your children will overcome limiting thoughts, fears, and anxieties, and develop the correct thought patterns from early on to avoid self-defeating behaviors in the future.

General Audio Package

General Audio Package

General Audio Package with Coaching

Individualized Coaching Package

Triumph Steps Program Includes:

Triumph: A Curriculum for Parents and Children

This curriculum provides the eight steps taught in Triumph Steps. They are concise, simple and easy to use. They are designed to help anyone who implements them become goal oriented, empowered, centered, creative, and socially responsible.

Triumph Steps


This is the centerpiece and the core of Triumph Steps. The audio has been carefully designed with music and sounds that stimulate the brain and facilitates the practice of silence, visualization and I AM affirmations. The effortless technique of audio-learning for parents and children makes clear that the power of each of the techniques is in the conviction and the feeling.


These powerful visual aids should ideally be present in all common areas of the home. They are designed to illustrate the eight steps of Triumph, so even the youngest children will understand them. With daily exposure to the posters, the messages will be much more quickly assimilated, processed, retained and acted upon.

Training Video©

The first and foremost element is to educate the parents on the steps and the benefits of Triumph Steps. Parents are the ones who ultimately deliver the information and will work with the children on a daily basis. This video introduces and explains the benefit of each of the eight steps. The more parents understand it, the more committed they will be to implement it. An inspired parent has the power to transform the world.

Gratitude box©

Psychological scientific research reveals the benefits of being in a constant state of gratitude. This technique reminds children daily to be grateful for things in their lives and teaches them that by just shifting to thoughts of gratitude they can shift their lives in a positive direction.

administrative Manual

Administrative Manual©

An in-depth roadmap that gives parents step-by-step methods of implementing Triumph to ensure success.

Children’s Booklet©

This booklet provides Triumph’s eight steps to children. These steps assist children in getting in touch with their unlimited creative power and helping them to achieve the extraordinary life they deserve.

student booklet