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Triumph Steps Online At-Home Program

Happiness is a skill that can be learned.

Give your child a foundation for happiness and mental stability.


In a world of much noise and constant change, we cannot leave the mental health of our children in the hands of social media, strangers, and in many instances, not even in the hands of professional fields we have once trusted.

No job you have ever been entrusted with is more sacred than parenting your child. Strive to do it better each day.

Bringing emotional literacy to your home can help to slow down the progression of our current mental health crisis. Parents can be equipped with mental health and wellness tools from Triumph Steps. Using these tools early on can protect children from stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, gender dysphoria, and more.

This online, easy-to-implement program, based on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral approaches, will offer you and your child the foundation to foster emotional literacy and personal responsibility to gain dominion over their emotions.

Do you feel you don’t have the tools to teach your child how to gain dominion over their emotions?

Do you fear your child could develop mental instability?

Is your child acting up at home? Are they having trouble concentrating on everyday tasks? Do you wish to see improvements in their attitude, sleeping habits, and overall happiness?

Triumph Steps® was developed by a psychotherapist with over thirty years in the mental health field. This easy-to-use, calming audio program filled with cognitive behavioral and positive psychology messages stimulates alpha brain waves and offers the mental health foundation you need in your home.

Bring the Triumph Steps® Online Program to Your Home

The effortless techniques your children can use in the comfort of your home will teach them to stay in touch with their true selves, discover their talents, and build the life they deserve. Your children will overcome limiting thoughts, fears, and anxieties and develop the correct thought patterns from early on to avoid self-defeating behaviors in the future.

At-Home program

For Pre-K - 5th graders

Full Package with Coaching Session Includes:

Mental and Emotional Literacy Curriculum

6 Audios

6 Posters

Gratitude Box

Parent Manual

1 Coaching Session

For 6th - 12th graders

Full Package with Coaching Session Includes: 

Eight-Step Formula to Triumph Workbook

12 Video Modules

12 Audios

6 Posters

Gratitude Box

1 Coaching Session

Mental and Emotional Literacy Curriculum©

(Pre-K – 5th)

This curriculum is tailored for students in Pre-K – 5th grade levels. It is composed of 12 lessons that foster personal responsibility while laying a foundation to teach children how to gain dominion over their emotions. They are concise, simple, and easy to deliver.

Mental and Emotional Literacy Program for Teens©

(6th – 12th)

Happiness is a skill that can be learned. This program is tailored for teens.  It is composed of 12 video modules alongside the eight-step formula to triumph workbook that fosters personal responsibility while laying a foundation to teach teens how to gain dominion over their emotions.

General Audio Package


The centerpiece of Triumph Steps® . These audio files are carefully designed with cognitive behavioral messages, positive psychology, and music and sounds that stimulate the brain. They emphasize the practices of silence, visualization, and I AM affirmations. It’s effortless- play the audio, and your students will learn that the power of each technique lies in conviction and feeling.


Powerful visual aids illustrate the eight steps of Triumph, designed so that even the youngest children can understand. The messages will be quickly assimilated, processed, retained, and acted upon when present in their room or other home areas.

Gratitude box©

Psychological research has shed light on the benefits of being in a constant state of gratitude. Someone thankful for the positive aspects of their life does not have room to be depressed about the negative aspects. This simple technique reminds children to be grateful and teaches them that just by shifting toward thoughts of gratitude, they can shift their lives.

Parent Manual ©

A concise and simple curriculum for parents to guide children on how to be happy, spring over obstacles, and grow their infinite potential.

Download free copy below.

Do you need more individualized support than what the online program offers?

Triumph has dozens of certified Triumph Steps Transformative Coaches at Healthy Connections, CMHC, who can offer more individualized guidance.

General Audio Package with Coaching


Individualized Coaching Package