At Home 3rd-5th

Welcome Letter

Thank you for bringing Triumph to your child. Together, we are making history by making sure that emotional literacy becomes a part of every child’s home around the world. Utilizing this program at home, we come one step closer to validating the gravity of emotional literacy in every child’s life, and ultimately as part of the core curriculum in every school.

In order to make your child or children and this program succeed, the audio, the centerpiece of the program, must be played daily. Repetition is an integral part of learning. Our brains have neuroplasticity and repetition is what reshapes the connections in the brain to allow new knowledge. Consistent practice of Triumph is imperative in order to make this new knowledge be registered in the long-term memory.

If your child connects with the correct emotion while listening to the specific audio content, they will look forward to the daily practice. It is when the exercise is not done correctly that unwillingness to comply may arise. Reminding your child of the connection to feeling content will lead them to behave accordingly and therefore transform themselves in positive ways.

Repetition breeds belief and what we believe we create. I applaud your efforts in making Triumph work for your precious child. With this innovative emotional literacy program, you are bringing a paramount transformation at home, your community and the world.